Quarantine Skincare

Now that we're weeks into lockdown, one thing continues to shock most, if not all of us: our skincare routines are no longer working. And we're stuck indoors wondering – "where did that rash come from... and why am I breaking out?" The short answer is air. 

Air quality, circulation and any gust of wind you may have previously taken for granted play a large part in the well being of your skin. Now, not to encourage people to rush outside and fan their faces please remember there are government guidelines we each need to respect and many alternatives to going out in public.

Before we begin you may be wondering, why air, well the benefits of air for the skin are abundant:
Air promotes collagen production (collagen is the main structural protein in our bodies, this is what makes your skin tight and reduces wrinkles)
Your skin regenerates the more it is exposed to fresh air, which in effect assists in healing acne and rashes.
Air quality is important too, oxygen is an anti-inflammatory it makes your skin glowy, dewy and calmer. Being inside doesn't allow you to benefit from varying oxygen compounds. (Similar to not all water being/tasting the same)
Lastly, the movement of build up on the surface of your skin is assisted daily by the flow of air. The lack of which causes more build-up.

The list goes on, but those are some of the more important reasons.

If you're not able to get yourself outdoors, try these at home:

Indoor Sunbathing – find a large window for some natural light, throw down a blanket, some cushions and revel in the sunlight. Increasing your skin's production of vitamin D as well as cheering you up.
Switch out your regular products for something new – what works for you on a day to day basis probably won't work in quarantine. Switch all-in-one products for active agents. Scrap the 2 in 1 face wash and cleanser and use a cleanser somedays and an exfoliator twice a week.
Oil Pulling – this will help with acne, dullness and rashes. Using a face mask will remove excess oils and replace them with fatty acids while stimulating blood flow and collagen production.
Using anti-inflammatory skincare – will help safeguard against future breakouts once your skin has cleared.
Changing your bedding – regularly switching out pillowcases once or twice a week (every Sunday and Wednesday) will have you covered when you don't find time to do everything else.

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