Green Fingers Initiative

 Terms of Service

1. Each customer will be entitled to 10% off for their first and 20% off their second empty bottle/jar returned to Minzaanî, to qualify for a cumulative 20% off empties should be returned together this also applies for the 30% discount.

2. The discount is capped at 30% and will be awarded to returns of 4+ empties in one return.

3. Each return will be considered individually and cannot be grouped when sent and received separately. We advise collecting your jars to secure the best offer.

4. Customers are to cover the full shipping cost to the set location. (Try your best not to add extra fillers or plastic to reduce the wastage of packaging, but make sure to secure your jars tightly!)

5. Customers should ensure that the bottles returned are clean and dry to expedite the smoothness of the recycling process.

6. This form MUST be filled up by the sender for the unique discount code to be sent across as your #GreenFingers discount

7. The discount code rewarded for participating in the #GreenFingers recycling scheme can only be used once, and will be expire 12months after the activation date.