Minzaanî Konjacu

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A gentle exfoliator to replace face wipes

Konjac is a plant fibre extract so it is naturally rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, & E) proteins, fatty acids and natural minerals. It gently cleanses, leaving your skin clean, glowing and smooth. Our Konjacu sponges are infused with essential oils suitable for extra hydration and nourishment. Before use, rinse under warm water and use with water or your favourite cleanser.


Useful points: appropriate for all skin types, eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan

Full Ingredients List: 100% pure konjac vegetable fibre, selected essential oils

Customer Reviews

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Laura Corillon
Game Changer

I have been using my Konjacu for about a month and my skin is so smooth and healthy! I use it in the mornings with a cleanser and it makes all the difference. It is super gentle on my skin too which is great. Will definitely buy another one!

Ella F Sanders
Beautiful products!

I ordered a few things from Minzaani recently and was so impressed by them, the quality and beautiful scents/ingredients. The packaging was all recyclable or compostable (yay!) and it felt like such a luxurious treat to open. I’ve used the Spotless Green Sleeping Mask once and am now obsessed with the hydrated glowiness it gives the skin. The Shea Lip Scrub is perfect and will last forever, and I haven’t tried the Konjacu sponge yet because it just looks so cute and green on the bathroom shelf. Will definitely be trying the Sea You Serum when it’s back in stock! Mainly I’m just happy to find some beautiful products that don’t irritate my skin, as I’ve tried things from ‘natural’ companies like Typology and Evolve Beauty and my skin reacted badly. Thank you for making such thoughtful and beautiful things!

A dream come true

I used to have issues with product build-up and bumpy textured skin on my nose. Face wipes didn't leave my skin feeling clean enough and scrubs were too abrasive. Minzaani has really developed a beautiful product that has solved my face-washing woes. Will definitely continue to use it.